Sugar Free Frosting

For some time now, we’ve been trying to come up with a good sugar free frosting recipe, with little to no success. Thursday, Chris’ mom retired, so I decided to make a sugar free banana cake (modifying the banana cake recipe already posted), and wanted to do a sugar free frosting to go with it. I tried several buttercream recipes with limited success (ooo…look…broken meringue). Finally, in a last ditch attempt, I found a recipe that was really simple, and produced a great result.

1 (1oz) packet of sugar free pudding
1 cup milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream

In a mixer, whip the milk and pudding together until dissolved. Add the cream, and whip on high until you have stiff peaks. The consistency is very much like a buttercream, but much simpler. This is enough icing to decorate a two layer 9″ cake.

This could also be done with the full sugared varieties, but works very well sugar free. For the banana cake, I used butterscotch pudding mix, with a little extra vanilla to give it a flavor boost. The only note for this is that because of the dairy, this cake needs to be stored in the fridge.


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