Garden Madness: The Jungle

About 8 to 10 weeks ago Chris and I got a bit ambitious (although some would argue that stupid may be a bit more accurate), and started some plants from seeds. Now, when I say some plants, I actually mean what became 180 plants. We started the seeds in a seed starting contraption with peat pellets, and a few weeks later we had happy green seedlings.

One of two trays of seedlings

About this point, we decided to transplant these little guys into a larger container (plastic cups). Several hours later, we had far too many plants, but we’re stubborn like that.
About half of the plants

At this point we’ve given all the excess plants away to friends, relatives and anyone who would take them. Now, we’re watching our little balcony garden grow, and waiting to harvest some tasty produce (although I have already sampled some of the garlic greens-very cool).

We also have some greens going in pots.

There are a couple of kales, a swiss chard and a mustard green in there, as well as our herbage. We’ve also started green onions from cuttings from grocery story onions.

The current exciting news is our new Improved Meyer lemon plant.

Meyer lemons are sweeter and slightly deeper in color than standard lemons. We’re really looking forward to seeing what sorts of produce we get off of it.

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