Moussaka Update 2.0

Tonight we made some moussaka with Greek green beans for dinner. We followed our recipe for moussaka (found here, with a few changes. We followed the recipe as advertised for the meat sauce, and scaled the béchamel sauce up to use 4 cups of milk. For the layers, we used both eggplant and potato. The eggplant we peeled, sliced and salted for about 45 minutes. Two russet potatos got peeled, sliced thin and about 80% cooked. Since we both find the frying the eggplant step to be smelly, greasy and just a big pain, we skipped precooking the eggplant entirely, simply rinsing it after the salt step. The moussaka went together in the same order as the original recipe, with potato substituting for the middle eggplant layer. It baked for 60 minutes at 350 degrees. The end result was a nice flavorful moussaka, that for once wasn’t greasy. The only issue we see for the future is the eggplant did release a little bit of water, but next time we’ll toss it in breadcrumbs before layering, which should help prevent that.


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