Truffles, once more

For my last day working at the hospital, I decided to make a big batch of truffles for everyone. Nobody every said I was too bright. I followed the instructions of times past-using 60% dark chocolate chips for everything (hey, it was on sale). The flavors this time around were chocolate, coffee, raspberry, and mexican hot chocolate (vanilla, cassia cinnamon, and some cayenne and ancho). I used a mixture of coffee liqueur and strong brewed coffee for the coffee truffles, and I think in the future I’ll just use coffee. The raspberry had Chambord in it, and was quite nice. The ganache centers were quite soft, so I had to work pretty quickly. In future if I make them during the summer, I’ll make the ganache a little harder, as my hands tend to be warmer in the summer, unlike my perpetual handcicles in the winter months.

Clockwise from left, raspberry, mexican hot chocolate, coffee, chocolate.

Clockwise from left, raspberry, mexican hot chocolate, coffee, chocolate.

They went over VERY well at work, and by the time my shift was over, there were only about a dozen left for the night shift.

The full batch

The full batch


4 comments on “Truffles, once more

  1. happycrow says:

    Gee,wonder why? Those look great!

  2. caffeinatedkatie says:

    Thanks! I enjoy working with chocolate-it’s also a great way to ensure that I don’t want to eat the stuff for months. Eventually I’ll break down and try some non-truffle chocolates, but that’ll have to be once it gets cold outside and I can easily keep this place 60-65 degrees.

  3. happycrow says:

    So all the best-practiced chocolatiers live in Alaska?

  4. caffeinatedkatie says:

    Well…I don’t know. I guess I might just have to go up there again some time and find out :-). But more likely the talented chocolatiers have more than one fridge to stash ganache in as it hardens, nice stainless steel and marble counter tops to work on, and naturally cool hands.

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