Truffles: Take Two

This year, I decided to give the truffles another try. 12 months had softened the memories from last year of the 8 pounds of confections Chris and I made. As Christmas rolled around, family members started to ask if the truffles would return. I caved and ended up making a much more manageable 3 pounds of truffles. Although there were a few hiccups along the way, in the end, it was far less trouble than last year, and I think the results were better.


2 lbs dark chocolate (I used some 60% cocoa for the ganache)
3 cups heavy cream

Heat cream to boiling, pour over chocolate. Let sit for a few minutes, then stir until smooth. At this point, divide the ganache into however many flavors you’re going to want and add the liquors, spices and extracts. This year, I brought back the popular coffee, chocolate and raspberry from last time around, and also added a mexican hot chocolate flavor with vanilla, cinnamon and cayenne. From there, the procedure was much like the last time around . I did three coats of chocolate on all the truffles, and some needed more (it was about 20 oz of chocolate total for coating). The coating chocolate was a rich 72% cocoa. For decorating, I used an icing of powdered sugar and water, mixed with an appropriate flavor or color agent. The coffee was topped with some course ground coffee beans.

The overall reaction to this batch was very positive, and took about a quarter of the time as last years, while still making almost 100 truffles.


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