Dal Makhani

Recently, I’ve been wanting to experiment more with lentils, so Chris and I decided to try the recipe at this site. We followed the method, but made a few changes on the spices. We left out the fennel seeds, as I’m not a huge fan of the flavor, and also left out the hing because we couldn’t find any. We used about 2 tomatoes worth of diced, and a good teaspoon of tomato paste as well, and we replaced half the cream with yogurt. We also only soaked the lentils for about 1 hour before cooking, and the beans got an even shorter version of the quick soak on the package. The end result was a really nice, thick and creamy lentil dish, not hot, but pleasantly spiced. We served it with naan and rice, although in the future, I think we’ll just do naan.


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