Moussaka Note

Yesterday we decided to spend the afternoon cooking as well, so we made moussaka. We planted an eggplant plant back at the start of the growing season, and had four smallish eggplants we needed to do something with. Now, we both love this moussaka recipe, but the frying of the eggplant is a big smelly, smokey pain, so we decide to fire up the grill and get the cast iron skillet out and fry on the grill. This is definitely the way to go for this. The house stayed stink and smoke free, while the eggplant cooked. In the future, we’ll probably just grill the eggplant and skip the frying entirely.


2 comments on “Moussaka Note

  1. I love Moussaka,but there was always the problem with frying the eggplant.I now slice it,sprinkle salt over it and leave it for an hour so as to get rid of the bitterness.Then I brush the slices with olive oil and place them on a tray in a hot oven(220°C)until they are soft and a little brown.Much easier, and you don’t have to smoke out the neighbours.

  2. caffeinatedkatie says:

    That sounds like it would work quite well, especially during the winter when grilling really isn’t that pleasant an option. Recently we’ve just been trying to expand our range of what we can cook on the grill (and not heat the house up too badly during the miserable months of Midwestern summer). Some things, like this eggplant and some naan we made turned out very well. The Chicago-style pizza on the other hand… not so much.

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