German Chocolate Cake

To finish up our feast of comfort food, we made a german chocolate cake. Now, Chris’ mom has been making these things for years for her work, and she was always troubled that her cake wasn’t as tall as she wanted it to be. She tried different flours, different pans, anything she could think of to make the cake as tall as she remembered it being. I had recently expanded our CIA collection to include the baking and pastry book as well as the garde manger book, and while flipping through the baking and pastry book, we stumbled upon a picture of properly creamed butter and sugar. The mixture was almost white, and looked like the consistency of cream cheese frosting. With this in mind, we followed the recipe on the box of German’s chocolate, being sure to cream the butter and sugar fully for once. It took a little longer than we expected with the Kitchenaid stand mixer, but after a few minutes on high, we got the nearly white, light and fluffy result we were looking for. We also used cake flour to ensure a soft, delicate crumb. The final result was a batter about the consistency of whipped cream, and the cooked cakes were about twice as tall as Chris’ parents had been getting. The cake texture was also amazingly soft and moist. In the future, we’re going to definitely be careful to fully cream the butter and sugar in creaming method recipes, because it really really does make a huge difference in the final result.

EDIT: Here are the pictures, as promised.


2 comments on “German Chocolate Cake

  1. lizardqueen says:

    (In regards to your comfort food feast): WOW! I’m drooling!

    Thanks for the posts, including tips!

  2. caffeinatedkatie says:

    Yep! We’ve got some pictures of the cake on Chris’ camera that we’ll try to get up here sometime soon-it’s about as pretty as anything covered with the gloppy coconut and pecan frosting can be. 🙂

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