For my graduation, my family came up and we all went to Lidia’s in Kansas City. Chris and I had been wanting to go there for a while, so this seemed like a great chance to try it. The food was wonderful. Most of my family (myself included) got the pasta sampler, which included wild mushroom ravioli, a tagliarini with a roasted tomato sauce, and a farfalle with shrimp and scallion sauce. I thought the mushroom ravioli was the strongest offering, but the roasted tomato sauce was surprisingly rich in flavor. The delicate balance of the shrimp and scallion sauce would have been good alone, but when paired with the other two pastas, the flavors became rather lost. They had caesar salad that was wonderful, and Chris got an asparagus, egg and prosciutto salad that was also very good. Chris got the gnocchi with a pulled duck sauce that was also sublime. My grandfather got their lasagna, which looked lovely, and huge, and my uncle got their manicotti, and it also looked very good. The $25 wine menu also has some nice selections on it, although we can’t remember what exactly we had. For dessert, I had tiramisu, while Chris got the olive oil cake with meyer lemon ice cream and basil sauce. Both were very good. I really enjoyed the candied basil leaves that came with Chris’ dessert, but he’s still not a fan of candied plant parts, so they were not as popular. All in all, a really delightful meal.


One comment on “Lidia’s

  1. lizardqueen says:

    “Candied plant parts” — there’s a double entendre somewhere there. 😉

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