Weird labeling.

Now I generally will be the first person to say that KC Masterpiece is a symbol of all that sucks about Kansas City style BBQ, and will also generally be the first to point out that KC Masterpiece only wishes it were the dominant BBQ restaurant in KC. That instead has to go to Fiorella’s, Arthur Bryant’s, Gate’s or something like that. None of those sauces are nearly as sweet as KC Masterpiece, and generally have a nice shot of black pepper in them as well, particularly of a coarse grind. Some are even rather vinegary.

Anyway, I went to a visit a couple of good friends, to watch the KU/UNC basketball game. I took buffalo wings, and took the easy way out. Bottled sauce, plus frozen wings, thaw, marinate, grill. One of my friends doesn’t like buffalo wing sauce, but does like Honey BBQ, extra sweet.

So, off I go to Dillon’s (A Kansas subsidiary of Kroger) and grab a bottle of KC Masterpiece Honey BBQ sauce. I think. The front label and cap label say honey bbq. The back label says Hickory/Brown Sugar BBQ sauce. All of the bottles on the shelf are like this. Good job guys. Really. Maybe the contents of the bottle are supposed to be sort of like Bertie Bott’s jelly beans, and they just put both flavors in. Who knows. They did in fact have hickory brown sugar BBQ sauce bottles, all properly labeled. I grabbed one of the Honey BBQ anyway, and took it home. I’m not sure which sauce was actually in the bottle. I’m thinking it was hickory brown sugar, but can’t really tell. It was a 1lb 12oz bottle, and I used around half the bottle for 1.5lbs of the wings, and added about 1/2 a regular sized bear shaped bottle of honey to the sauce.

The wings all turned out well, the honey bbq ones had a distinct honey flavor and were well received.

The KU/UNC game turned out well for KU fans, despite KU’s midgame attempt to give UNC a free chance to get back in the game. Personally, I’m just happy basketball season is about over, so I can concentrate fully on Manchester United’s Premiership season and Champions League matches, as well as the beginning of the KC Wizards in the MLS.

Obviously this is Chris, rather than Katie the KU student posting this.

If I can remember to do it, I’ll post up some photos of the bottle.


One comment on “Weird labeling.

  1. Happycrow says:

    send him an email, he says…. but does he give it to me? NOOOOOOOOO… 🙂

    Yes, somebody hacked my yahoo acct. and changed the password on me. email contained in the comment…

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