Uova Strapazzate nel nido – Scrambled eggs in the nest

By its name, this is an Italian scrambled egg dish. Don’t worry, no nests were damaged in the making of this dish, and no twigs need be eaten.

Essentially, the nest is a mashed potato shell, filled with scrambled eggs.

You’ll need about 1lb of mashed potatoes to make four nests. The mashed potatoes should have 2/3 of a cup of Parmesan cheese grated into it, as well as one raw egg mixed in.

You’ll need five scrambled eggs as well. The Silver Spoon recipe calls for plain scrambled eggs, but we used the Uova alla Santelli recipe, and reduced it to 5 eggs.

Divide the potatoes into four equal amounts, and form those into four mounds, and then press out a nest shaped indentation into each one. Bake the nests on a buttered cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. During this time, make the scrambled eggs. When the eggs and nests are finished, fill the nests with eggs and serve. As a side note, the eggs pictured in the Spoon are very very very wet, and the text notes that they’re cooked for two minutes over low heat. I like my scrambled eggs runny, but this is pushing it a bit even for me. I’m certain my mother would have a fit of disgust just looking at how uncooked these eggs are (then again, if they’re not rubbery, she’s not sure they’re done).

On the whole I’m really very impressed with this dish. Its very different than a lot of typical American egg + potato type dishes, and the mashed potatoes make a really neat change from hashbrowns and so on. This is definitely something we’ll be making again.


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