Waxed off: the perils of root veggies.

Katie and I made another batch of the Turkish root veggie soup today. I know, I know, its bloody hot out and its summer, not exactly root veggie time. Still, we wanted it, so we made it. It was wonderful, of course, as it always is. Anyway, we bought the veggies at Hy-Vee, which is a big supermarket chain here in the NE part of KS and Western Mo, and much to our surprise when we got home, the parsnips and turnips were covered in enough wax to make a year’s supply of candles for a new-age store. In all seriousness, these veggies must have had a good 1/8th of an inch coating of wax on them, and the bags said something like “Wax will come off when you peel the veggies.” No? Really? I thought it would stay on and I’d somehow peel the veggies without disturbing the wax. I’ve *never* seen anything like this before. The Dillon’s stores (a local chain which is absolutely *huge* in Kansas, now owned by Kroger) doesn’t have veggies like this at all. Sure, there might be a bit of wax on the apples to make them shine, but not on the root veggies.

Frankly, this waxed veggie thing is gross, and it made the whole peeling of veggies process rather unpleasant.

I generally really like the Hy-Vee stores, and I think that the rest of their produce is far nicer than the other places here in Larryville, as are the meat, cheese, and deli counters. That said, we’ll be getting root veggies elsewhere in the future.

Is this a preservation thing, or just a devious plot to make people think that food shaped candles are being sold in the produce dept.?

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