Tonight, on a whim, we decided to open up the tin of espresso that I’ve had since the last Dean and Deluca’s sale. It came in the Italian cooking kit I managed to snag, and until tonight it sat on a shelf in my kitchen. This interest was prompted last night after a disastrous cappuccino experience where the waiter brought out a partly filled, luke-warm cup of coffee-based drink, and said “Um, sorry, but our foamer is broken…they said this should taste the same…is it ok?” Yeah, it wasn’t…it tasted ok, but just not the same as a nice frothy cup of hot cappuccino that I was looking for. After that, I was jonesing for something involving espresso and milk. We drug the espresso machine out of the closet (yep, I’m a college kid with her own espresso machine…:-) ), and popped open that tin of espresso (it’s from the Danesi company, and imported from Italy, but I don’t know enough about the various espressos to really know what’s considered good or bad…for my part, I like it… it’s certainly nicer than many other bean-based beverages I’ve had). The espresso portion was easily managed, but the milk proved a little more troublesome. After a few failed experiments, we (ie Chris) managed to get a lovely foam on the milk. Now, about halfway through my second mug (guess who’s not sleeping tonight!), I’m looking forward to future experiments with that espresso machine. I’m just disappointed that it took me three years to get up the courage to start experimenting with that machine. Any advice, notes, cautions, stories, recipes, or any other help you may have is very welcome, as I’m pretty new to all of this.


5 comments on “Cappuccino

  1. Anna says:

    Check out and all the related links. Also my favorite coffee retailer I order my own beans from for roasting (yes, I am THAT peculiar about my coffee)– Both have extensive links and advice about coffee in general and espresso in particular.
    What type of machine do you have?

  2. caffeinatedkatie says:

    It’s a Braun…my parents had it for a number of years, and never used it, so I snagged it from them (and then proceeded to not use it either). It’s a 4 shot machine with a steamer for milk.

    Thanks for the links! 🙂

  3. Anna says:

    Hmmm…better get not only a water filer for your water, but a really good burr grinder if you are serious about coffee, then. The Braun can make good espresso, but to get really good with it, you need fresh coffee, and for that you need whole beans (of course, you don’t have to go so far as I did where I roast my own beans, thereby rendering all other coffees by definition inferior, and barefly drinkabke…:-) ), but to achieve the espresso grind needed, even and fine, the blade grinders are just not sufficient.
    Which is why I need to budget it in before I even think about getting an espresso machine. Currently I only have a blade grinder with a Bodum French press producing really amazing coffee.

  4. caffeinatedkatie says:

    Yeah, I have a Brita pitcher that I use for most of my smaller water needs, and I also have a bladed coffee grinder. I generally do use whole-bean coffees, but since the Danesi came with the kit, I decided to give it a try. The burr grinder will have to wait until the budget can accommodate it. The are some coffee shops around that do their own roasting of beans, so I may see about some of those. Someday, I hope to get a coffee roaster like what you’ve got, but that’ll be far in the future when the budget and kitchen size allow for it (bloody tiny apartment kitchens….). I also have a small French Press around here somewhere. As a coffee drinker, I tend to go through phases. I’ll go through a couple of months without having more than one cup of coffee, to drinking a gallon in a week. As a result, my various coffee paraphernalia gets moved out of the way, to be forgotten about for months.

  5. Anna says:

    I hear you. I used to have a cheap espresso machine that I sued for about a year religiously then I moved it to the pantry, then I attempted to use it again to discover it was totally useless and broken…so I am waiting for Christmas where I can justify a real aspresso machine with a burrn grinder for myself and the husband.I already put it on my Amazon wishlist, shamelessly 🙂

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