Pork chop sauteed in Butter and Sage.

Last night, Katie and I wanted to make Giada’s lemon spaghetti for dinner (link posted previously, somewhere on the blog), but didn’t know what we wanted with it. I wasn’t in the mood for shrimp, which does go nicely with it, and we happened to have a package of pork chops in the freezer, a bit over 1lb.

In the Silver Spoon, I found a recipe for pork chops sauteed in butter and sage. I decided this sounded good, but I really didn’t want to try to sautee thick pork chops in a cast iron skillet in an apartment and risk smoking the whole place up. To solve the issue, I sliced the pork chops into strips (as one would do for pad thai).

I sauteed them in 3tbsp of butter, a little salt and pepper, and about 2 tbsp of dried sage. Melt the butter, add the sage, let it cook/rehydrate in the butter for a couple of minutes. It should become quite aromatic. Fresh sage would be better, 4 to 6 leaves or so, minced, but we had dried and I didn’t feel like going to the store. Add the sliced pork, salt, and pepper, and sautee the pork until nicely browned. Serve over lemon spaghetti. The sage works fine with the lemon, but we did omit the basil or parsley that normally goes into the spaghetti. I think that parsley could be used without any problem, but basil might clash with the sage.

The pork turned out really nicely, and did go well with the spaghetti. This is definitely something we’ll do in the future.


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