Raspberry Syrup

Today Chris and I decided to reclaim a great deal of my freezer by doing something with the 5 lb bag of frozen raspberries I had in there. Yep, 5 lbs. We found them at a restaurant supplier in Wichita for way cheap, and I couldn’t pass them up. What can I say, I have a weakness for raspberries. So we found a recipe here which produced a nice, smooth, yet reasonably thin syrup. We ended up having about 10 cups worth of raspberries, so we used just under 4 lbs of sugar and then 5 cups of water to produce about 3-750mL bottles of the syrup. We’re looking forward to many Italian sodas in the near future.


One comment on “Raspberry Syrup

  1. Anna says:

    M-m-m…I have fond memories of my grandma’s raspberry syrup she made from the tons of respberries growing in her garden every summer. I miss those huge 10 liter bottles she used to mail to us to the city. With real soda water made with CO2 patrons, those made the BEST sodas ever…

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