A couple of recommendations.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit slow – I’ve had both the KS bar exam and the MPRE to take. We’ve done very little by way of interesting cooking, but, we have checked out a couple more ‘quick’ dinner options.

The first was the Al Fez “Moroccan Dinner Kit”, which we bought at world market, for, I think, about $3.99. It was meant to feed two people, and it included a packet of spiced couscous, a pour-sauce (Tomato, Cilantro, Ginger, if I recall correctly), and a seasoning/spice pouch that was more or less curry powder like. All you had to do was add chicken. We used 2 chicken breasts, diced, and followed the instructions. From start to finish it took about 15 minutes, and another 15 to eat and clean up. It was quite good, really. Katie thought the sauce was reminiscent of mincemeat in flavour, but I didn’t really notice it.

We also tried the “Tiger Tiger” brand of Thai red curry “simmer sauce”. We added shrimp, green onion, cilantro and squeezed some lime over it. We served it on jasmine rice. This was also a success, though I really don’t care for coconut milk based curries. That said, I’d do it again.


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