Penzeys Spices

Yesterday, Chris and I went around and did some food shopping. After learning that there was a Penzeys in a nearby city, we went and checked it out. We were kids in a candy store. We picked up several different Indian spice blends, as well as some chili powder (smelling it put us in the mood for chili, which is no mean feat, as both of us are fairly luke-warm on chili). In that vein, we also got some chipotle powder, which we may use tomorrow in a small pot of chili. We also got some Hungarian half-sharp paprika, so we can actually use the recommended paprika for the gulyas. The most surprising find was the Vietnamese cinnamon. I don’t know a lot about cinnamon, beyond the idea that there are a couple of different kinds, so I was pretty blown away by this one. I smelled this before smelling the other varieties, and, in comparison, those other nice cinnamons smelled pretty bland. We picked up a bottle, and will probably make that vanilla cinnamon cake sometime this week. Overall, we are completely sold on this place. As Chris said, “It’s like a museum of smells.”

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3 comments on “Penzeys Spices

  1. Anna says:

    Well, I am glad you liked them. It is an amazing place, and I love their catalogs…I also am a charter subscriber for their recipe magazine,m Penzeys One, which has a lot of good, simple recipes from people all over the country. NOthing fancy, but very tasty, complete with stories from those who sent the recipes. Worth checking out.
    The Vietnamese Cinnamon, I agree, is rather strong…have you tried the real Ceylon cinnamon yet? That’s the one I grew up with, and it is simply unbeatable for apple pies. Now for a cinnamon roll or coffee cake, I’d use the Vietnamese, no question

  2. Katie says:

    I haven’t tried the Ceylon cinnamon yet, but I’ve been tempted the times I’ve seen it to pick some up. I think the World Market here in town has it, so we may get some next time we’re there.

    I also signed up for their catalog when we went in, and I’ll definitely look into that magazine.

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve never had the ceylon cinnamon either – It smelled quite nice. We’ll have to pick some up. The Vietnamese cassia cinnamon, I think, has more of a wow factor, and I was definitely in a ‘wow’ mood.

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