Amazing vanilla cinnamon cake

For our birthdays a few months back, we decided to make ourselves a birthday cake (this actually makes sense, as Chris’ b-day is the day after mine). After spending the last part of the summer watching the Food Network, we were pretty curious about the cinnamon vanilla cake with mexican hot chocolate buttercream that we saw on a Throwdown with Bobby Flay (where his chocolate cake lost to this one). I made the cake as the recipe asks, but when we hit the buttercream part, we did a little bit of math and decided that 900g worth of butter would make way too much frosting for one cake. We decided to cut the recipe in half, and we STILL had a container full of the stuff, so we ended up keeping that in the fridge, and serving the cake with an extra blob of cold, firmer frosting. The mixture of chocolates and pepper in the frosting makes it amazing, and it transports the otherwise good, but simple cinnamon cake to another level. This is definitely NOT a cake you want to tell your cardiologist about, but for special occasions it’s amazing.

UPDATE: We made this cake again last week with some Vietnamese cinnamon, and it was wonderful. The buttercream turned out well, I just continuously beat the egg whites and sugar while they were over the water bath until they came up to temp. Also, the instant read thermometer that my parents gave me was much easier to deal with than the candy thermometer we had before, so that made the process much easier. With the Vietnamese cinnamon, the buttercream was much spicier than the first time we made it.


5 comments on “Amazing vanilla cinnamon cake

  1. Chris says:

    Replying as “A Guy”, I must say that I never thought I’d lust for a cake other than chocolate – but this is abso-flipping-lutely the coolest cake I’ve ever had, and the buttercream is just wow. The buttercream was very very very soft though, a bit runny even, when at room temp. If anyone has any ideas on why, or how to firm it up, it would be well appreciated.

  2. Michelle says:

    If you let the meringue get to a very stiff peak that should help, also make sure that when you add the white chocolate that it’s returned to room temp. If that doesn’t do the trick a couple of minutes in the fridge should. I’m so glad you liked it!

  3. Chris says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m very glad to see you posting here – Katie and I were shocked and thrilled. 🙂

    We’re probably going to be baking another one of these cakes sometime this week. Do you prefer cassia cinnamon or ceylon cinnamon for this cake?

    Katie and I made a Penzey’s trip this weekend, and bought some amazing Vietnamese cassia cinnamon. It is very strong, very sweet and rather hot. I think it would probably work well, however I’m not sure whether the cake/buttercream is supposed to be subtle or bold.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions regarding the icing. With some luck we’ll get it right this time.

  4. Michelle says:

    Hi Again,

    I think the Vietnamese cassia would work great! You want something nice and spicey to offset all of the sugar. I love Penzey’s, I’m so jealous, all we get here are the catalogs.

    Have fun with the cake 🙂

  5. […] 15, 2009 Recently for work, I threw together another vanilla cinnamon cake, but this time I altered the frosting recipe some. I used the standard Italian buttercream from the […]

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