We weren’t really in the mood to cook much last night, so we used a bottle of Patak’s Korma sauce and made some chicken korma. We’ve used several of the different sauces from this company and have been pleasantly surprised each time. It’s not quite what you’d find in a typical Indian restaurant, but for quick and easy at home Indian, it’s the way to go.

We also decided that it was a chocolate chip cookie night as well. Being Good Eats fans, we had seen Alton Brown make his chewy chocolate chip cookies, and were intrigued. Last night, we finally got around to trying it. I was a little generous with the chocolate chip measurement, and we used dark brown sugar (since it doesn’t specify in the recipe). The first batch was a little on the charcoal side, so we reduced the baking time to around 8 minutes, and they were wonderful. The cookie part itself has more flavor than is typical for a chocolate chip cookie, which was nice as well. Now the hard part will be not just eating cookies for breakfast before heading to class.


One comment on “Recommendations

  1. Anna says:

    Yep, I have a very similar one for both chocolate chips and for oatmeal-raisins. The trick is melting the butter before mixing, using brown sugar and high-gluten flour. Us chewy-cookie lovers appreciate it…:-)

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