Jalapeno Bagels

Here in Wichita, there used to be a bagel shop called “New York Bagel” which sold a Jalapeno bagel. They went out of business a few years ago, and nobody else in the Wichita market sells these. My mom loved them, oddly enough, and so over the winter break from school Katie and I decided to seek out and prepare a Jalapeno bagel for mom.

These bagels really do turn out well, though I think they could stand to be boiled a little longer, perhaps around 1 minute total, as this is what toughens up the skin of the bagel prior to baking.

Recipe at: http://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/270/Jalapeno_Bagels44860.shtml

Note: we omitted the red pepper flakes and increased the jalapeno a little.

These only keep a couple of days unless they’re ziplocked – but I’d rather have hard bagels than soggy ziplocked bagels.


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