Tomato Sauce with Tuna (for pasta, et al.), and Cannellini bean dip

This is a variant upon a Giada de Laurentiis recipe – we threw it together last night, and I liked it, though I don’t think Katie cared for it all that much

1.5 cups tomato sauce (e.g., the sauce Barbaresco posted below, or a jarred sauce – we had a jar of Barilla’s plain “marinara” so I used that)

zest of 1/4 of a lemon

1.5 tsp capers (drained)

1 can of tuna (oil packed) drained

1.5 tsp fresh chopped parsley (Italian flat-leaf please)

Combine ingredients above in sauce pan, except for the parsley, and simmer for about 5 minutes. salt and pepper to taste, add the parsley just before serving.

Serve over pasta/gnocchi/polenta. I used a little bit of the pasta water to thin the sauce a bit, as it had thickened a bit on the stove.

I liked this, though honestly I thought the tuna was rather lost in the tomato – but I tend to think canned tuna has little enough flavour without dousing it in tomato. Perhaps one of the Italian import brands of tuna might get the job done a little better. I think using Barbaresco’s sauce would be an improvement as well, as while the Barilla sauce isn’t bad, there’s a lot more going on in it as far as herbs and such are concerned.

I’ll try this again sometime.

We also made the Cannellini bean dip from Giada’s “Everyday Italian” book – recipe link:,,FOOD_9936_25941,00.html which is absolutely amazing. Pita chips are definitely out of their normal borders, but are a nice accompaniment. This is a dip that will stay on-hand most of the time I suspect – it ranks right up with an outstanding Turkish style hummus, or a good skordalia.

We made the bean dip again tonight, and this time was also made the pita chips that go with it. We cooked these for right around 13 minutes rather than the full 16, and it gave us a slightly lighter, nicely toasty pita chip. We’ll definitely be making these again.


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