Old Post 6: Etouffee

My house etouffee recipe:
NB, while Emeril will say that a real etouffee doesn’t start with a roux, I make it both ways, and prefer the roux. (notes for both ways are in the Method section)

1 stick of butter
8 tbsp flour
4 cups onion, 1cm diced (roughly)
2 cups celery, same
2 cups bell pepper, same
2lbs meat of your choice (andouille, smoked sausage, duck, chicken, shrimp, scallops) or any combination there of. I like shrimp/scallop, or sausage/chicken the best)
1 bunch green onions (scallions) chopped
several cloves of garlic (the more the merrier) minced/crushed whatever.
1 bunch of parsley (about 6tbsp) chopped
Water – up two a couple cups.
Rice (cooked – dirty rice or plain long grain white rice)

Method: (roux)
If using chicken or other raw meats (or sausage), pre-cook in the same pan, remove the meat, but keep the pan drippings, then make the roux.
In a large deep frying pan or dutch oven:
Melt the butter, and add the flour. Over medium heat, stir until the mixture cooks to a light/medium brown color. It will be thick. Stir constantly.
Add the chopped onion/bell pepper/celery.
Stir, cooking over medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, until the veggies are more or less done. It’s going to look like a gritty mess at this point. Don’t burn the veggies.
Add the garlic, and cook another 3 or four minutes.
Spice – I strongly prefer Emeril’s rustic rub recipe – easily found with a google search. I use a couple tablespoons minimum, but any cajun seasoning will do – try to find something without salt so that you can adjust salt for yourself.
Add water until desired consistency is achieved (water will hit the roux and dilute it, forming the ‘gravy’ you want something thicker than stew, that will sit on the rice.
Add seafood now if you’re using any and cook until just done. (this is also time to re-add any chicken or sausage that you cooked before the roux)

Serve over rice, with french bread to sop it up. a nice Turbo Dog or Dixie “Blackened Voodoo” or Voodoo lager is nice with it.

If you want to do the non-roux method, cook the onions in butter until transluscent, then add the celery and bell pepper, cooking until the onion is golden-ish. Then continue on as before, but when you add the water, make a slurry with it and the flour, which will thicken the etouffee.

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